How it Works

Hotels rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open and they still have their fixed costs. Although these hotels/resorts miss out on room fees they gain a customer in their in-house restaurants, room service, the casino, spa and other amenities within their property, it's a win, win proposition. The hotel wins because they fill a room and generate revenue from their other amenities and you win because you receive wonderful hotel accommodations and only pay a small certificate redemption fee and room tax.

Destination: Las Vegas (Your Choice of 1-4 Nights)

  • No Timeshare or Sales Presentations—Guaranteed!
  • Retail Value Up To $826
  • Certificate Redemption: $15.95 (Must Activate Within 30 Days)
  • 6 Months to Choose Your Travel Location
  • 12 Months to Complete Your Travel
  • Hotel Booking: Must Give 30 Days Advance Notice
  • Room Tax: $12-$33 (Average $19 Per Night)
  • $50 Refundable Deposit: Assures You Show Up
  • Accommodations: 2 Adults (Nominal Charge for Additional People)
  • Does Not Include Airfare, However, Ask About Airfare Deals
  • Complete Terms & Conditions Listed on Certificate

Partial List of Participating Hotels/Resorts